Dual Grammy Nods!
SPAIN AGAIN and SPIRIT OF THE MOMENT both nominated to the 8th Latin Grammy Awards for Best Latin Jazz Album! more

Rhapsody in Blue Wins Best Classical Album Grammy! Camilo's February 2006 Release Rhapsody in Blue wins Latin Grammy for Best Classical Album.









Dear Friend,

For nearly 25 years I have been very fortunate to travel the world and create music with astounding performers.

Throughout these journeys I have taken the stage in huge arenas, historic concert halls, and intimate jazz clubs.

Whatever the venue and whatever the style of the music or size of the group, one thing remains constant: I am thrilled by the connection; by the community that is created when people get together to share music. To feel the vibration, the energy; to see the smiles. These experiences prove to me time and again that music truly is the language of the soul.

I will never forget something that happened when I was performing a few years ago at a theater in Malaga, Spain. In the middle of our show, with a thousand people in the audience, we suddenly lost power. Not just amplification, but all lights, air conditioning -- everything. We were truly “Unplugged”!

With our eyes, we could not see each other on stage, we could not see our instruments, and we could not see the audience. But we could see all of these things with our hearts. So what did we do? What else could we do? We played. We played and played, sending notes into that warm Spanish night. And we listened, as the audience – mostly strangers to one another – came together as one.

One cannot experience such moments and not feel blessed. Blessed to share my music. Blessed to make musical connections with talented people. And blessed to know that so many eyes are watching and ears are listening.

For all of these blessings, I thank you. I hope to see you soon.