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Michel Camilo - What's Up?To be released worldwide on 11/16/17more

Michel Camilo - What's Up?Nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Intrumental Album! more

Michel Camilo - What's Up?Camilo wins Latin GRAMMY for Best Latin Jazz Album! more


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Greeting & "Blue Note" videos written and produced by Jeffrey Davis of Lunar Sea Creative

Calle 54 clip courtesy of Fernando Trueba ©2000


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Album cover and publicity shots by Michael A. Black
Blue Note photo: Sharon Michel
Piano photo: Norihito Onuma
Dizzy Gillespie photo: Francis Cepeda
Charles Flores photo: Vincent Celenza
Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez photo: Norihito Onuma Verizon
Music Festival photo: AJ Alfaro
Portrait in Chair photo: Paco Sánchez
Newport Jazz Festival photo: Sue Auclair
Black jacket portrait: Used with permission from Fernando Trueba Triangulo photo: Michael Halsband
Trio photo: Sharon Michel
Close-up photo: Used with permission from Henry Benson
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