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Michel Camilo - What's Up?To be released worldwide on 11/16/17more

Michel Camilo - What's Up?Nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Intrumental Album! more

Michel Camilo - What's Up?Camilo wins Latin GRAMMY for Best Latin Jazz Album! more


Spirit of the Moment


“So what do you do after putting out a solo disc, followed by a full orchestral recording of "Rhapsody in Blue"? Pianist Michel Camilo splits the difference and puts out a hard hitting trio release with "Spirit of the Moment." ~ Jazz Weekly

"Michel Camilo is a brilliant, surprising pianist in any context from mainstream jazz to classical and Afro-Latin…Camilo excels at frenetic, soothing lines, and can slowly develop a song or accelerate through it. Flores and Prieto prove ideal companions, able to make quick adjustments within compositions or develop separate directions without breaking a song’s overall mood. Spirit of the Moment is vibrant and explosive fare that balances traditional jazz with explosive Latin elements." ~ Nashville City Paper

“Camilo, a Grammy and two-time Latin Grammy Award winner and native of Santo Domingo, captures the fleeting spirit of the moment with his expressive, explosive trio. With its chamber-like intimacy, freedom and existential edge, the trio format permits Camilo to improvise swinging, seamless music that crosses all musical boundaries whether jazz, classical, bebop, blues, modal, Afro-Cuban, flamenco, Puerto Rican or Dominican.” ~ Hartford Courant

“Camilo performs all this with a frequently stunning virtuosity that’s become a given for this gifted artist. He’s ably abetted on this highly recommended effort by a Cuban-born rhythm section featuring longtime associate Charles Flores on bass and newcomer Dafnis Prieto on drums.” ~ All About Jazz NY

“This is an energized working trio, performed with an intensity that only Camilo is capable of producing.” ~ All About Jazz L.A.

“Michel Camilo, Spirit of the Moment (Telarc). A personal "milestone" and a "classic," the pianist from the Dominican Republic calls his own disc, which may be a wee bit of hyperbole and solipsism but not that much. If this were your disc, you'd be bursting your buttons with pride, too. It's a delicious jazz piano trio record by a pianist with the chops to record Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" (which he did and won a Latin Grammy) but with a Caribbean rhythmic sense so infectious Dizzy Gillespie would have thrown a party for him. Camilo's new drummer Dafnis Prieto is from Cuba, and what he and bassist Chuck Flores and Camilo conjure up is a piano-plus-rhythm fiesta sometimes to the Nth power (hear what they do to Miles Davis' "Nardis"). Camilo can be a hard-swinging post-Tyner keyboard gobbler of Don Pullen ferocity (hear "Repercussions") but he can also be a keyboard percussionist of festive good cheer. This is state of the art mainstream jazz mega-piano and meta-piano, circa 2007.” ~ Buffalo News

“Our featured album this week on radioiojazz... I have always written of my love for the piano trio... the tracks of this album succeed in putting the stamp on the uniqueness of Michel Camilo's artistic stylings. Prieto brings his own style that is different from hernandez of 'live at the blue note'.. but the joy for me came while listening to the familiar phrasings and style of Camilo as it has further developed since the past four years.” ~ RadioJazz.com

“An unmistakable and sophisticated Caribbean flavor permeates this lively session—no doubt fueled in part by Cuba-born bassist Charles Flores effortless command of rhythm. The seven-minute epic ‘Repercussions’ swings hardest, with Flores and drummer Dafnis Prieto mind-melding as Camilo dances with smooth aplomb on piano.” ~ Bass Guitar

“Pianist and composer Michel Camilo makes a triumphant return to the jazz trio setting with Spirit of the Moment. Together with drummer Dafnis Prieto and bass player Charles Flores, Camilo has crafted an engaging work that is chock-full of interesting moments. The album consists of three distinct chapters, each one made up of four tunes. The ballad "My Secret Place" counterbalances "A Place In Time" and both tracks are in the key of A minor. Here is an album that exemplifies spontaneity at its best.” ~ ROLLING OUT URBAN STYLE WEEKLY

“Pianist Camilo returns to the trio format, which clearly energizes him. The CD's 12 tracks meld blues, Latin and modern piano jazz with lively, toe-tapping rhythms.” ~ NEWARK STAR-LEDGER