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Rhapsody in Blue


“This was a very successful recording project, both for using Michel, whose musical background is similar to Gershwin’s, and whose technique is extraordinarily clear and clean, and for using Telarc’s ability to capture the full, rich sound of this large scale work so well. Kudos to all concerned.” ~ The Audiophile Voice

“The Spanish orchestra is languid in places, but not Camilo, whose piano interludes seem closest to Gershwin’s actual intentions when they’re a little bluesier, a little more syncopated, and a lot more percussive than the score calls for.” ~ Village Voice

“Aided by the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, Camilo’s artful, beautifully executed playing has a lush, elegant sound, but also reflects his desire to do much more than just replicate Gershwin’s work. Rhapsody In Blue revisits and updates it, while once again displaying Camilo’s brilliance as a soloist." ~ Nashville City Paper

“Instead of keyboard pyrotechnics, of which there are some, he varies the tempo and swings a little, savoring every note. He almost teases the listener to stay tuned to discover what he'll do next with this Gershwin classic. Camilo does play ‘the ink’ of Gershwin’s scores, but he also embellishes with accents and a groove that’s hypnotic. Camilo always wants to be sure he has something to say...On this recording, Camilo creates a nostalgic mood, taking us back to his early days in New York City.” ~ Minnesota Public Radio

“Throughout the entire CD, Michel displays a passionate embrace of an American icon’s beautifully crafted work of art. In making Rhapsody In Blue come to life once again, Camilo captures the essence, influence and tradition of jazz.” ~ JusJazz.com

“The results are lively, sincere and very musical, some of the best recent versions of these Gershwin classics.” ~ One Way Magazine (LA)

“Weaving his way through the song, Camilo has the deftness and the natural talent to make this song dance and swing, with the orchestra basically adding the polish to this shiny effort.” ~ PopMatters.com

“Pianist Michel Camilo plays both works (along with the Prelude No. 2) with grace and passion, and the orchestra sounds marvelous.” ~ CD Hotlist

“The performances of both works are excellent - brash and sparkling as Gershwin intended them to be.” ~ Audiophile Audition

“In a dramatic departure from his previous solo recording on Telarc, Michel Camilo is joined by the 95-piece Barcelona Symphony Orchestra in a brillant and lavish interpretation of some the great works of legendary composer George Gershwin.” ~ The Buzz – Contemporary Jazz.com

"Is it any good? My first thought was, “Who needs another version of Rhapsody in Blue?” A couple of listens to this CD provide the answer, giving all the explanation needed to justify Camilo’s dive into Gershwin’s symphonic repertoire. Though I’ve thought of the Dominican native as primarily a fiery Latin-derived player in the past, here we get an aural glimpse at the classical chops he developed studying for thirteen years at the National Conservatory on his native island. On this disc, his piano fronts the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, not only on Rhapsody, but also on Gershwin’s Concerto in F. He closes the set with a solo reading of Gershwin’s beautifully melancholic Prelude No. 2. What propels this recording above the many other available takes on these pieces is Camilo’s jazz sensibilities. We’re used to hearing them played by a non-improvising classical pianist, but here we get the real thing—Gershwin’s jazz-inspired work played by a real jazzman. It’s a perfect musical marriage.” ~ Jim Newson PortfolioWeekly.com

"Do we really need another tribute to George Gershwin? The answer to that question, as provided by artful jazz pianist Michel Camilo and the 95-piece Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, is a resounding 'YES.' Hot on the heels of 2003's Grammy-winning Live at the Blue Note and 2004's graceful Solo, Camilo again shows why he's considered among jazz music's elite musicians with this tender love letter to one of the great composers of the 20th century." ~ Inside Bay Area

"Rhapsody in Blue is both a fresh and respectful look into the lesser-known classical side Gershwin, and this album deserves full audience appreciation." ~ Greenwich Village Gazette (NY)

"Classy and nostalgic as ever, Michel’s ‘Rhapsody’ has a new flavor, thanks to the master pianist’s signature style—equal parts fiery, creative abandon and meticulous, technical precision." ~ Keyboard

“Sit back, prepare to relax and be absorbed by, and revel in, fifty-six minutes and twelve seconds of pure rhapsody.” ~ Yonkers Tribune

“Ernest Izquierdo and the Barcelona Symphony perfectly intertwine with Camilo to produce an interpretation that finally reflects the true rhythmic groove of Gershwin's mind…This is a release that breathes fire into pieces too familiar to disregard.” ~ All About Jazz L.A.

“Michel Camilo does justice to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue...I definitely want more.” ~ TheCelebrityCafe.com

“Michel Camilo is a master of the jazz piano. It is much in evidence with this recording. This is a CD to treasure and play often. Highly recommended and highly enjoyable listening.” ~ JazzReview.com

“There is no more formidable technique in jazz. Camilo began as a classical pianist in his native Dominican Republic, playing with their National Symphony at the age of 16, and later trained at Julliard. Fortunately he also has a deep artistic sensitivity — he doesn't have to go blazing around the keyboard for effect — and he can swing, something he’s proved in each of his major label releases since the first one, in 1988. This rare combination, together with this fine orchestra, makes his Gershwin program a clear, innovative, and thoroughly enjoyable success.” ~ AllAboutJazz.com

“Michel Camilo exerts his symphonic muscles on this highly dramatic offering with flair, aplomb and beauty.” ~ SoundsOfTimelessJazz.com

“Camilo beats the house again showing off the classical side most of us didn't even know he had, but he certainly has spent as much time honing as his estimable jazz side. Smart recordings like this keep chestnuts fresh and also don't make it seem like the well has been visited once to often as well.” ~ Midwest Record Recap

"The prospect of Michel Camilo playing Gershwin's concert music will probably come as a bolt from the blue to the jazz crowd…" ~ All Music Guide